Lowell, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Project Date: 3rd Quarter 2012 & 1st Quarter 2014

Square Footage: 69,000 HHS / 90,000 UC

Product Type: Higher Education

Project Type: Relocation, Contractor Management, Furniture

Headcount: 70 Faculty / 150 Administrative

Project Durations: 7 months HHS / 8 months UC


HSS: Dowling Houy (DH) was hired August 2012 to relocate the Psychology, Criminal Justice and Nursing departments to the newly constructed HSS Building located on South Campus.

University Crossing: DH was engaged in early 2014 to relocate 14 departments including the Office of the Chancellor, Admissions & Enrollment, all the departments reporting to Dean of Students, and the campus Bookstore from locations throughout the campus to the newly constructed University Crossing.

Relocation Management


  • Created the Equipment / Move Matrix, Packing & Tagging Instructions and Welcome Packets

This has subsequently become the template used by the University’s Project Management Depart.

Furniture Coordination 

University Crossing:

  • Coordinated and managed nine furniture vendors, The Bookstore and Aramark for the delivery and installation of all furniture in the building
  • Determined the established order furniture would be received.
  • Communicated with vendors and managed the delivery schedule, ensuring loading dock and elevator times for each vendor
  • Provided onsite oversight for each delivery, tracking issues that arose, and communicating them to the client
  • Coordinated the schedule with the General Contractor who was working on final activities
  • 90,000 sf of furniture installations were completed without one conflict on dock or elevator times

Services provided for both projects:

  • Created and maintained detailed move schedule
  • Created and issued Packing & Tagging and Welcome Packet documents
  • Lead and coordinated weekly meetings.
  • Provided timely and concise move communication to key points of contact:
  • Provided photographs and a detailed inventory of all furniture from office suites
  • Collected all phone and computer data used in the move matrix; created and updated the matrix throughout the project
  • Staffed all moves and Post Move Command Center (tracked all post move requests through completion); provided all directions to movers.
  • Assessed the existing storage of each occupant and provided metrics based on the storage that was provided with the new furniture to guide occupants with purging activities.
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