Boston, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Project Duration: 18 months

Square Footage: 60,000

Core Business: Marketing / Consulting

Headcount: 155


Dowling Houy (DH) was hired early in SapientNitro’s process as the overall project manager.  The project assignment was to serve as the owner’s rep throughout the project.  Sapient had negotiated to take another floor in their building allowing for some much needed expansion space.  The original intent was to do minimum work to the space but upon meeting with Senior Management the team took this opportunity to renovate their existing space on the 3rd floor and brand the new space with the look and feel of SapientNitro.

Contract Management

  • Created and maintained the schedule and budget
  • Attended and led all project meetings
  • Supported:
    • IT planning
    • Floor plan development and approvals
    • Landlord relations
    • RFP selection for GC (pre / final)

Construction Management

  • Worked closely with architect to create the scope and program for the project
  • Arranged for pre-construction GC services, allowing the team to accurately gauge the project budget and allowed Sapient to make informed decisions on their overall designs
    • This process helped to avoid “design in the field” decisions and greatly eliminated having to do any value engineering once construction started
  • Managed the construction GC RFP process
    • Oversaw the GC’s work throughout all construction phases including punch list

Furniture Management

  • Worked with existing furniture vendor to create a re-use schedule delivery install schedule for new product that was required for the project
  • Provided monthly project reports to the National Account Manager in charge of tracking all of SapientNitro’s projects globally
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