Ruberto, Israel & Weiner

Boston, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Square Footage: 15,500

Product Type: Law Firm

Project Type: OPM, FFE and Relocation Management

Headcount: 45 Lawyers, Paralegals, Support Staff

Project Duration: 8 months


DH was hired as project director for this tenant Improvement project assignment, as owner’s rep for the client throughout the project. DH contributed to the final stages of the lease and work letter negotiations, ensuring RIW’s best interests were met and the maximum dollars toward build out were obtained.

Within a few weeks of relocating to the new facility, the Executive Director and Managing Partner both commented on how the new office was encouraging attorneys and staff to engage and work in more collaborative ways, and how much happier the firm’s atmosphere had become.

Owner’s Project Management

  • Created and updated the project’s schedule and budget
  • Led all project meetings
  • Supported:
    • IT planning
    • Landlord relations
    • Floor plan development and approvals
  • Managed RFP selection for architectural services
  • Negotiated enlarging the pool of landlord general contractors
  • Oversaw GC work throughout all construction phases including punch list

Furniture and Equipment Management

  • Recommended and supported key furniture and technology (Cabling, Telephone, Security, A/V, etc.) vendors
  • Monitored furniture selection, scheduling, delivery, and installation through punch list
  • RFP selection for disposition/ liquidation of the former location’s assets
  • Created a detailed inventory and reuse plan for all furniture (only six new desks were purchased)
  • Procured services for refurbished workstations (at considerable savings to RIW) to supplement RIW’s existing workstation inventory
  • Helped obtain CAL 133 certificates for existing, refurbished, and new furniture
  • Provided CAD services for programming all furniture

Relocation Management

  • Created and issued the Mover RFP
  • Provided a detailed analysis of the bids to client
  • Negotiated the final terms of the contract and managed the mover throughout the process
  • Move implementation and post move management
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