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Jeanne MacLellan

Jeanne specializes in Life Sciences and provides clients with unique and specialized services. Over the past 16 years, she has supported numerous biotech companies, assuming various responsibilities for their construction and relocation projects. Jeanne has worked on bio, chemical and mechanical laboratory projects, leading both the construction and relocations teams. Her clients have included Boston Heart Diagnostics, UMASS Lowell, E Ink, A123, BiogenIdec, and Shire HGT. Jeanne is also a well-respected veteran in the non-life sciences sector, having orchestrated 500+ person commercial relocations throughout the country. She has overseen multi-phased relocations at major universities, law firms and financial instructions. Fun Fact: Jeanne’s first job out of college was in the film & television industry and she attended the Cannes Film Festival as part of her job.
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Amanda Randall-Capobianco

Project Director
Amanda is a meticulous real estate and facility professional with over 12 years of experience in the project management field. She is able to partner with a wide variety of clients and vendors to make focused sense of the chaos that surrounds large facility transitions. She has a deep breadth of experience in space planning, furniture procurement and installation, and move planning. She has worked on a wide range of challenging projects in many fields including life sciences, healthcare, financial institutions, and higher education. Amanda’s clients have included AVEO Pharmaceuticals, Dedham Medical, Nexage, and Harvard University. She is an enthusiastic team member whose proven ability to see the whole picture ensures a successful project completed on time and within budget. Fun Fact: In her spare time Amanda enjoys cooking everything from bread, homemade liquors, pastas and pastries, to dastardly delights. She once made 13 meals in one day.
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Angela Ciramella

Senior Project Manager
Angela has over 14 years’ experience in design and architectural project management. Having worked on both the client and consulting side, she has a unique understanding of what clients are looking for and is able to quickly identify their needs and how best to address them. Her experience at a few major Boston architectural firms enables Angela to work with building owners and brokers in calculating square footages and developing marketing and leasing plans. In addition, she has managed weekly moves for Tufts Health Plan and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, as well as 25,000 sf of laboratory and vivarium moves for AVEO Pharmaceuticals. Fun Fact: Angela did an internship in public relations and helped with “HEAR US” dedication at the State House.
team-_0002_Deb Giannino AG14-DowlingHouy-0750-P

Deb Giannino

Senior Project and CAD Manager
With over 20 years of industry experience in the design / project management field, Deb is an expert with CAD / CAFM systems in addition to her personable project management skills. In addition, she has managed weekly moves for Tufts Health Plan and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, as well as 25,000 sf of laboratory and vivarium moves for AVEO Pharmaceuticals. Deb has been the primary point person on all AutoCAD and CAFM related work for more than a dozen project managers. She has provided space management and utilization design development options, occupancy planning and analysis, field verification and documentation of existing conditions. Deb also provides interior fit up plans and is able to provide clients with options, working with them to come to the best fit. Most recently Deb has provided move management services for UMASS Lowell and other clients. Fun Fact: Deb’s first job out of school was manufacturing luxury draperies for palaces in Bahrain.

Jennifer Perrault

Senior Project Manager
Jennifer has over 18 years of experience managing projects in Real Estate and Facilities. Prior to joining Dowling Houy, Jennifer worked for a large global staffing firm in their Facilities Operations group, overseeing facilities and mailroom staff. She routinely negotiated global contracts, implanted new programs and processes all resulting in significant savings for the firm. Jennifer is known for her strong attention to detail and successfully managing multiple projects, both locally and remotely, to meet deadlines. Fun Fact: Jennifer enjoys cooking and entertaining family and friends. She is also a long time (sometimes suffering) Boston Bruins fan.
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