National Center on Time & Learning / MASS2020

Boston, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Square Footage: 10,000

Product Type: Non Profit, Education

Project Type: OPM, FFE and Relocation Management

Headcount: 32

Project Duration:  5 months


DH served as the owners project manager for Mass2020 a non-profit organization, guiding them through a design of the selected tired-looking facility to take advantage of the building’s character while providing natural light throughout the new spaces.  The landlord selected its general contractor, and DH worked closely with both parties to obtain additional improvements at no additional cost to our client, including a newly custom-built reception station, more glass interior walls, and additional paint work.  The completed spaces exceeded Mass2020’s expectations and the project was completed ahead of schedule and on budget (zero construction costs for Mass2020).

Owner’s Project Management

  • Worked closely with the design and construction team, contributed to the overall design and value engineering process
  • Consulted and supported:
    • IT planning
    • Floor plan development and approvals
    • Landlord coordination
  • Created and maintained the master project schedule and budget

Furniture and Equipment Management

  • Provided a detailed inventory and analysis of current furniture.
  • Negotiated on behalf of Mass2020 Office furniture for their staff, which was generously made available to them on a donation basis. Worked with both parties on the final finish selections and order placement
  • Tracked and over saw the installation through punch-list completion

Relocation Management

  • Created and maintained detailed move schedule
  • Created and issued Packing & Tagging and Welcome Packet documents
  • Lead and coordinated weekly meetings.
  • Provided timely and concise move communication to key points of contact:
  • Staffed all moves and Post Move Command Center (tracked all post move requests through completion); provided all directions to movers
  • Guided Mass2020 in planning the move, coordinating the pickup of donated furniture, implementing the move at low cost, and post move management.
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