Fish & Richardson

Boston, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Square Footage: 127,000

Product Type: Legal

Project Type: OPM, Relocation Management

Headcount: 225

Project Duration: 18 Months


DH was hired early on as the project director. The project assignment was to serve as the owner’s rep for Fish throughout the project. Previously the architect and engineer had been selected and lease negotiations were underway for five floors of a new boutique mid-rise in the Seaport district of Boston. DH contributed to the final stages of the lease and work letter negotiations, ensuring Fish & Richardson’s best interests were met and the maximum dollars towards build out were obtained.

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Owner’s Management

  • Created and updated the project’s schedule and budget
  • Attended and/or lead all project meetings
  • Supported:
    • IT planning
    • Floor plan development and approvals
    • Landlord relations
  • Managed RFP selection of the:
  • Pre-construction contractor
  • General contractor
  • Modular wall system/vendor
  • GC management throughout all construction phases through punch list
  • Managed furniture:
  • Scheduling and Delivery
  • Installation through punchlist

Relocation Management

  • Relocation Planning
  • RFP selection of the mover
  • Move implementation and post move management
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