Aspen Tech

Houston, TX

DH Project Management's Scope

Project Date: Q2 2012

Square Footage: 69,000

Product Type: Technology

Project Type: Relocation Management, FFE Management

Headcount: 220

Project Duration: 1 month


DH was hired by Aspen Technology (AT) on May 1, 2012 to relocate the Houston office which consisted of 220 staff members with move dates of May 12th (content only) and 18th (staff, Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FFE).

Relocation Management

  • Provided layouts for all storage / file rooms for the HR, IT, and Mail rooms and obtained sign offs from all groups
  • Worked with AT’s staff to review content of filing cabinets and boxes which required staff to retain a limited volume of stored materials, and to purge the remainder
  • Created the Packing and Tagging instructions and the Welcome Package used to orient employees with new headquarters
  • Managed the move crews for all pre- and post-move activities-The local mover commented they had never worked on such a well-organized move such as AT’s

Furniture and Equipment Management

  • Inventoried all furniture slated for reuse and started tracking to / from data as locations were finalized
  • Responsible for labeling all FFE with its new location and overseeing the installation by movers
  • Worked with AT’s internal IT group to review un-needed equipment, coordinate the removal of unwanted equipment
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