ARIAD Pharmaceuticals

Cambridge, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Project Date: 2ndquarter 2016

Square Footage: 125,000

Product Type: Lab / Healthcare

Project Type: FFE and Relocation Management

Headcount: 250

Project Duration: 6 Months


DH assisted ARIAD Pharmaceuticals with a 100 person, 3 phase move which included internal shifts at the existing headquarters at 26 Landsdowne and the staff move from 64 Sidney. Several office and furniture modifications were required to accommodate an influx of staff. In addition to the moves, DH conducted a furniture inventory for disposition and determination of what furniture could be reused at 26 Landsdowne or stored for future use. After project completion, ARIAD determined they would make a final move into their brand new headquarters at 125 Binney Street in December 2016 and asked DH continue services to help facilitate the lab and office moves.


Furniture and Equipment Management

  • Detailed inventory of existing furniture
  • Managed re-use and disposition of furniture
  • Managed contact and schedule of equipment vendors
  • Oversaw the movers with the final installation

Relocation Management

  • Inventory and installation planning  of all bench top items
  • Consulted with ARIAD user groups and provided a detailed equipment installation plan
  • Confirmed required utilities were in place
  • Maintained the master move schedules, issuing weekly updates.
  • Oversaw all move activities for offices, labs including the disconnection / reconnection of all desktop computer equipment
  • Led all the move meetings for the lab and office moves
  • Issued weekly minutes
  • Created and issued the mover / rigging RFPs
  • Oversaw the walkthroughs
  • Provided a detailed summary of bids
  • Created and issued Packing & Tagging and Welcome Packet documents
  • Provided Post move support centralized all PM Requests, tracking all towards completion
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