America's Growth Capital

Boston, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Square Footage: 13,000

Product Type: Finance

Type of Project: OPM and Relocation Management

Employee Headcount: 35

Project Duration: 9 months


DH was engaged early as owner’s rep for AGC   throughout the buildout of their new space on the 22nd floor of 99 High Street, a LEED Gold designated building in Boston. Having previously worked in the building, DH enjoyed a solid working relationship with the landlord, which was maintained throughout the project.


Owner’s Project Management

  • Created and updated the project’s schedule and budget
  • Attended and/or led all project meetings
  • RFP selection of the general construction contractor, review of subcontractors and influenced their selection
  • Consulted and supported:
    • IT planning
    • Floor plan development and approvals
    • Landlord coordination
  • Advised client on numerous vendors including:
    • Used and new furniture
    • Security, signage
    • A/V, etc.
  • Monitored all construction phases through punch list
  • Had the building correct several plumbing and HVAC issues with base building equipment
  • Monitored furniture scheduling, delivery, and installation through punch list
  • Planned and coordinated the moves and on-site electrostatic painting of over 70 file cabinets

Relocation Management

  • RFP selected the mover
  • Created and maintained detailed move schedule
  • Created and issued Packing & Tagging and Welcome Packet documents
  • Lead and coordinated weekly meetings.
  • Provided timely and concise move communication to key points of contact:
  • Staffed all moves and Post Move Command Center (tracked all post move requests through completion); provided all directions to movers.

The client’s president stated that the firm received an outstanding facility for their investment, and that “DH exceeded our high expectations and will be doing all of our future work.”


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