A123 System

Worldwide Headquarters

DH Project Management's Scope

Square Footage: 90,000

Product Type: Industrial / Lite Manufacturing

Project Type: Relocation Management

Headcount: 175

Project Duration: 4 Months


DH was engaged by A123 Systems to relocate their Watertown based company to their new headquarters in Waltham, MA. Originally located in three separate buildings, this move put A123 in one contiguous space.

Relocation Management

  • Ran all weekly move meetings for labs and offices, and issued meeting minutes
  • Attended weekly construction meetings.
  • Coordinated all lab and development spaces relocations occurring during the construction process.
  • Communicated with construction team on all equipment relocations and installation.
  • Created and maintained the detailed lab equipment, furniture and move data bases
    • Provided timely and concise move communication to key points of contact
    • Internal A123 Systems move team and Executives
    • Building and Security
    • External contractors and IT
    • Moving and Furniture vendors
  • Move Schedule
    • Managed internal and external key points of contacts and contractors to ensure critical task were completed on time.
    • Maintained a weekly schedule of all move related activities
    • Maintained detailed calendar coordinating lab related equipment scheduled to be taken off line and relocated
  • Managed and coordinated:
    • Seven (7) separate rigging events
    • Five (5) moves of other equipment
    • Two (2) chemical moves
    • One (1) comprehensive office move
  • Created the Packing and Tagging instructions and the Welcome Package used to orient employees with new headquarters.
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