UMASS Lowell

Dowling Houy’s Project Overview:

  • Project Durations: 7 months HHS Project / 8 months UC Project
  • Square Footage: 69,000 HSS / 90,000 UC
  • Location: Lowell, MA
  • Core Business: Higher Education
  • Headcount: 70 Faculty / 150 Administrative & Health Services

Dowling Houy’s Project Scope:

  • Furniture Inventory
  • Office Equipment Inventory
  • Phone Data
  • File Planning
  • Furniture Management
  • Move Coordination

HSS Project:

Dowling Houy was hired in August 2012 to relocate the Psychology, Criminal Justice and Nursing departments to the newly constructed HSS Building located on South Campus.  As part of the move management, Dowling Houy created the Equipment / Move Matrix, Packing & Tagging Instructions and Welcome Packets that have subsequently been adopted by the University as standard documents used by the UMASS Lowell’s (UML) Project Management Department.

University Crossing Project:

Dowling Houy was engaged in early 2014 to relocate 14 departments including the Office of the Chancellor, Admissions & Enrollment, all the departments reporting to Dean of Students, and the campus Bookstore from locations throughout the campus to the newly constructed University Crossing.

Dowling Houy was responsible for coordinating with nine furniture vendors, as well as with the Bookstore and Aramark on the delivery and installation of all furniture in the building.  UML and Dowling Houy established the order that furniture would be received.  Dowling Houy communicated this to the vendors and managed the delivery schedule, ensuring loading dock and elevator times were reserved for each vendor.  Dowling Houy was on site for each delivery, tracking issues that arose, and coordinating with UML to resolve them.   Dowling Houy also coordinated the schedule with the General Contractor who was working on final activities.  90,000 sf of furniture installations were completed without one conflict on dock or elevator times.

For both projects Dowling Houy:

  • Provided photographs and a detailed inventory of all furniture from office suites
  • Collected all phone and computer data used in the move matrix; created and updated the matrix throughout the project
  • Assessed the existing storage of each occupant and provided metrics based on the storage that was provided with the new furniture to guide occupants with purging activities
  • Created and maintained detailed move schedule
  • Created and issued Packing & Tagging and Welcome Packet documents
  • Ran all move meetings; issued meeting minutes