Boston Heart Diagnostics

Dowling Houy’s Project Overview:

  • Project Duration: 20 months, on-going
  • Square Footage: 47,276 Lab / 42,150 Office
  • Location: Framingham, MA
  • Core Business: Medical Diagnostics
  • Headcount: 200


Dowling Houy’s Project Scope:

  • Building Coordination
  • Construction Management
  • Design Coordination
  • File Planning
  • Furniture Management
  • IT/AV Management
  • Move Coordination
  • Owner’s Project Manager


Dowling Houy was hired in October 2012 to assist Boston Heart Diagnostics (BHD) with its re-stack and build out project.  Having occupied their space for less than one year, BHD’s growth required the relocation of their 5th floor administrative space to a newly acquired space on the first floor of their current building, while simultaneously renovating the former administration space to house BHD’s Pre-Analytical, Genetic and Chemistry labs.  Upon completion of the 5th floor work, BHD began the re-design and build out of the 4th floor for the HDL / Agarose and lab office expansion.

Dowling Houy led all preliminary programming meetings with the lab and administrative departments to understand the anticipated growth for each group and relayed this information to the architectural firms for the design processes.  Dowling Houy worked with the furniture vendor to develop a reuse plan for existing furniture and identify what new furniture was required.

Dowling Houy worked with the lab staff to schedule delivery of new equipment and removal of old, and scheduled specialty vendors to prep and relocate existing equipment.   Dowling Houy then oversaw the main move of the labs.  Because BHD is a 7-day-a-week operation, Dowling Houy had to ensure the move was completed within the 10 hours allotted on a Sunday so BHD could be up and running Monday morning.

As BDH continues to grow, Dowling Houy maintains an on-site leadership role in both space planning and relocation.  Dowling Houy recently oversaw the renovation of 28,000 sf and the reconfiguration of 100+ workstations in sub-leased administrative space, and moved the majority of BHD’s Finance, IT and Marketing teams in a 4-month time frame.  Renovations occurred pre- and post-occupancy and included the replacement of the carpeting in a 5-week phased approach.  Dowling Houy is currently working with BHD on expansion plans in both the lab and print shop departments.