Ruberto, Israel & Weiner

Dowling Houy’s Project Overview:

  • Project Duration: 8 months
  • Square Footage: 15,500
  • Location: Waterfront, Boston MA
  • Space Type: Class A Office
  • Core Business: Law Firm
  • Headcount: 45 Lawyers, Paralegals, Support Staff

Dowling Houy’s Project Scope:

  • Lease Negotiations
  • Construction Management
  • Asset Disposition
  • Architectural RFP
  • Furniture Management
  • Owner’s Project Manager
  • Design Coordination
  • Move Coordination

Dowling Houy was hired early by Ruberto, Israel & Weiner’s (RIW) to serve as the owner’s rep for RIW throughout the project. Lease negotiations were underway for one floor of a mid-rise building in the Waterfront area of Boston. Dowling Houy contributed to the final stages of the lease and work letter negotiations, ensuring RIW’s best interests were met and the maximum dollars towards build out were obtained.

Dowling Houy created and updated the project’s schedule and budget for the length of the project; attended and/or led all project meetings; created a unique RFP process to select RIW’s  architect; supported IT planning, floor plan development and approvals; established an excellent relationship with the landlord, resulting in the landlord’s agreement to enlarge the pool of landlord-approved general contractors, and reviewed the general contractor’s work throughout all construction phases including punch list. Dowling Houy also recommended key furniture and technology (e.g., security, A/V) vendors to RIW; supported furniture and other vendor selection; monitored furniture scheduling, delivery, and installation through punch list; provided move planning, RFP selection of the mover and move implementation, post move management, and RFP selection for disposition/liquidation of the old location’s surplus furniture and equipment.

Working with RIW, Dowling Houy created a detailed inventory and reuse plan for all furniture (only six new desks were purchased) and provided CAD services for programming all furniture. Dowling Houy also procured services for refurbished workstations to supplement RIW’s existing inventory, and helped obtain CAL 133 certificates for existing, refurbished, and new furniture.

RIW’s leadership has stated that the project’s process and resulting new facility quickly led to  several positive and significant changes in the firm’s culture and financial results.   The first change was an increased number of clients invited into the firm’s offices; the second was the noticeable increase in collegiality and positive interactions between attorneys and staff, and the third was the increase in productivity (and profitability) of the firm.