PUMA North America

Project Duration: 12 months:

  • Square Footage: 60,000
  • Location: Boston, MA
  • Core Business: Sports / Lifestyle
  • Headcount: 155

Dowling Houy’s Project Scope:

  • Lease / Work Letter Negotiations
  • Architect RFP / Selection
  • General Contractor RFP / Selection
  • Budget Tracking / Oversight
  • Schedule Tracking / Oversight
  • Construction Management
  • Furniture Management
  • Move Management
  • Space Yield-Up / Asset Disposition

Dowling Houy was hired by PUMA to serve as the owner’s rep throughout the project. Lease negotiations were underway for a unique property between Boston’s City Hall and North Station. Dowling Houy contributed to the final stages of the lease and work letter negotiations, ensuring PUMA’s best interests were met and the maximum dollars toward build out were obtained.

For the length of the project, Dowling Houy created and maintained the schedule and budget; attended and led all project meetings; supported IT planning, floor plan development and approvals, and landlord relations; and conducted RFP selection for architectural, General Contractor (GC) (both pre- and final), furniture and mover services.

Dowling Houy arranged for pre-construction GC services which allowed the team to accurately gauge the project budget and allowed PUMA to make informed decisions on their overall designs. This process helped to avoid “design in the field” decisions and greatly eliminated having to do any value engineering once construction started. At the completion of permit drawings by the architect, Dowling Houy conducted an RFP process to help PUMA select the construction GC, then oversaw the GC’s work throughout all construction phases including punch list. Dowling Houy also recommended key technology vendors (e.g., cabling, telephone, security, A/V) to PUMA, and supported these key vendor selections.

Dowling Houy conducted an RFP process to help PUMA select all new furniture.  Dowling Houy  then monitored the selected furniture vendor, and oversaw scheduling, delivery, and installation through punch list. Working with PUMA, Dowling Houy created a detailed inventory and reuse plan for all furniture and provided CAD services for programming all furniture in the new facility. Dowling Houy worked with PUMA on the disposition/liquidation of the former location’s assets and assisted with all lease required yield up activities.

Dowling Houy provided all move planning services, including providing all written instructions to end users. Dowling Houy oversaw the mover and move implementation on a weekend to avoid lost work time, and managed onsite post move management.

At the end of the project, PUMA’s chief operating officer stated that PUMA does projects all over the world, and that PUMA had never had a better project process or result than what Dowling Houy had achieved on this Boston project.