Cambridge Trust Company

Operations Center

  • Project Duration: 6 Months
  • Square Footage: 38,000 Office
  • Location: Burlington, MA
  • Core Business: Bank Operations Center
  • Headcount: 100

Dowling Houy’s Project Scope:

  • Building Coordination
  • Construction Management
  • Design Coordination
  • Furniture Management
  • Liquidation Coordination
  • File Planning
  • Move Coordination
  • Owner’s Project Manager

DH was hired early in the process as an overall project manager for Cambridge Trust Company to relocate their existing operations center in Cambridge.  DH provided initial test fits for a few buildings in Burlington that CTC was reviewing as their possible new location.  Once a lease was negotiated DH facilitated a contractor list and worked closely with the architect to generate an RFP and assist in contractor selection.

DH led the process for furniture review and selection.  CTC was relocating existing task chairs and some files, but required all new workstations, office, conference and ancillary space furniture.  DH conducted furniture tours, created and issued the furniture specification and RFP.  After providing a detailed analysis of the bids to CTC a vendor was selected.  DH worked with both parties on the final finish selections and order placement.  DH also conducted walkthroughs for the liquidation and or removal of all remaining furniture and IT equipment.

DH created and issued the mover RFP, conducted walkthroughs and provided a detailed analysis of the bids to CTC.  DH managed the selected mover throughout the process.  DH worked closely with the CTC team to provide move communications to their staff and oversaw the two day move to ensure all IT equipment was delivered first to alleviate any downtime to the bank.