Acosta Sales & Marketing

Dowling Houy’s Project Overview:

  • Project Duration: 9 months
  • Square Footage: 100,000
  • Location: Marlborough, MA
  • Space Type: General Office
  • Core Business: Food Products Marketing
  • Headcount: 350

Dowling Houy’s Project Scope:

  • Owner’s Project Manager
  • Work Letter Negotiations
  • Furniture Coordination
  • Building Analyses
  • Design Coordination
  • Cabling Vendor Management
  • Stay / Go Analysis
  • Turnkey Construction Management

Dowling Houy worked closely with Acosta’s CFO and its Facilities Manager, as well as its broker to initiate discussions with its Marlborough landlord.  When those discussions were not meeting the client’s needs, Dowling Houy identified and analyzed alternate locations. When the current landlord then presented an acceptable lease amendment package, Dowling Houy assisted with the final negotiations which gave Acosta a modest budget for additional improvements. Dowling Houy continued the relationship with the landlord during the project, ensuring they were kept apprised of all activities and schedules, and the landlord provided a turnkey design and construction program. Dowling Houy was responsible for overall project management, including closely monitoring the architect and General Contractor, and preparing and maintaining all budgetary documents from project conception to final Tenant Improvement reimbursement. Dowling Houy worked with the contractor to implement carpet replacement by “lifting” existing furniture in place, rather than dismantling and moving it to other parts of the building, resulting in a significant cost savings. Dowling Houy further stretched Acosta’s budget through refurbishing furniture (versus buying new) and incorporating floor coring into the General Contractor’s scope, enabling Acosta to eliminate wires and cables across open floor areas.

The primary goal of the project was to reduce rented space from 100,000 to 88,000 square feet, which involved consolidating Acosta’s footprint on all floors of the building. The floors were renovated one-half floor at a time, which allowed the entire Acosta team to remain productive during the four month period of active demo and construction work.