AVEO Pharmaceuticals

Cambridge, MA

DH Project Management's Scope

Project Duration: 16 months, on-going

Square Footage: 220,000

Project Type:

Headcount: 85


After having assisted the client with several small relocation projects, AVEO’s departing Facilities Director asked Dowling Houy to provide services as the interim Facilities Director and Project Manager until significant construction projects and at least one major lab move were accomplished. The new corporate headquarters building was still in the design phase, and cost projections tracked at several million dollars over budget. After two weeks of due diligence, Dowling Houy recommended that the client change the construction team on the project in order to reduce the projected costs to meet the original budget, and still achieve workable labs, office spaces, and an Animal Care Facility (ACF).

Owner’s Project Management

The new completion date for the headquarters project was four months beyond the expiration of the client’s lease for its existing 70,000 sf ACF and labs. Because there was no option to extend the existing building’s lease, Dowling Houy led the thinking on strategic alternatives, ultimately determining that another of the client’s subleased buildings could be expanded and renovated for the least financial cost and keep the research ongoing for the four months needed. A sub-lease was quickly re-negotiated and design and construction were completed in less than 2.5 months to make the temporary spaces available.

The planning and preparation for the move to the temporary facility included transferring permits, and managing radiation hazards, chemicals, and controlled substances. Because the destination floor spaces were smaller than the client’s current labs, well planned sales and purging of excess equipment, supplies, and chemicals took place over several months. Through weekly move planning meetings, the move out of the 70,000 sf building into the 15,000 sf temporary building was accomplished ahead of schedule and on budget. Decommissioning of the 70,000 sf building was accomplished and completed without additional unbudgeted costs.

The construction of the new headquarters, which included 25,000 sf ACF and labs, along with 75,000 sf of additional lab and office spaces, was completed on the new schedule, and was completed under budget by 10%. The move-in was accomplished in phases which corresponded to AVEO’s needs, and were recently completed. The new ACF and labs are fully operational and positively received by the AVEO staff, inspectors and regulatory agencies.

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